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Traditional Chiropractic

What Can Chiropractic Care do for You?

Chiropractic care treats numerous symptoms, including the following:

  • spinal and extremity pain 

  • headaches and migraines

  • decreased mobility and range of motion

  • stiffness and muscular spasms

  • arthritic joint pain 

  • decreased balance and coordination

  • decreased energy and performance 

Chiropractic care can also:

  • increased your sense of well-being and relaxation

  • increase joint health

  • reduce degeneration and risk of injury

  • enhance tissue healing

  • decrease tissue inflammation

In short, chiropractic care can increase your quality of life!  

Chiropractic Care

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Understanding Chiropractic

Understanding Chiropractic

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What Does Chiropractic Do?
Chiropractors use adjustments to restore joint function and support the nervous system.  They also help patients maintain optimal health while avoiding unnecessary drugs and/or surgery. 

Chiropractic care is about much more than symptom relief.  Chiropractors provide their patients with vital, preventative, and non-invasive health care through regular checks and adjustments.  At the center of that specialized and trained care is an expert understanding of the science of vertebral subluxation.
A vertebral subluxation occurs when one or more vertebrae in the spine become misaligned, placing pressure on the spinal nerves and disturbing optimal nerve function.  Chiropractic’s primary focus involves locating, analyzing and facilitating the removal of vertebral subluxation.

Chiropractic Care, vertebral subluxation

Vertebral Subluxation in the History of Chiropractic

The term “subluxation” has a long history in the healing practices, dating back to the time of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician regarded as the “Father of Medicine.”  The word refers to a slight (or “sub”) dislocation or displacement and has been integral to chiropractic education since the very beginning.  Chiropractic’s founder, D.D. Palmer, reasoned that even a slightly misaligned vertebra could cause pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.

As chiropractic science is concerned with preserving and restoring health, it focuses particular attention on subluxations of the bones of the spine.  A vertebral subluxation happens when one or more of bones of the spine are out of position and compress spinal nerves.  These nerves are the primary communication link between the body to the brain.   That is why pressure on these nerves interferes with the communication between the body and the brain, which may cause organs, tissues, and cells not to function properly.  Chiropractic identifies, analyzes and helps correct these disturbances to restore the body’s natural balance and the potential for self-healing.

How a Subluxation Interferes with Optimal Health
A subluxation interrupts the proper operation of the body’s nerve system, compromising the maintenance of optimal health.  The human body consists of several interrelated systems, functioning with an innate intelligence to adapt to changes in our internal environment and the world around us.  Every moment, impulses are delivered between the brain and the body’s 100 trillion cells to coordinate every movement and function.  Impulses send this intricate information through the nerve connections in our spine.  When vertebrae become subluxated, due to of any number of factors, interference results in the body’s communication process, which negatively affects functions and performance.

If you would like to break your cycle of pain, and live a freer, healthier life, make an appointment to talk to our doctor about how chiropractic may be able to help you.